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What Can You Do?

by Leslie Powell on 03/02/15

What Can You Do?

You may think that as an individual, you have little power to affect changes in the lives of people or communities around the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you make a one-time donation or a regular monthly contribution, your investment combined with others can: fund organizations and projects that alleviate suffering and disease; fight hunger; bring clean water; created businesses that support families; guarantee free elections; promote peaceful conflict resolution; and more.

Take time to browse the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) listed on our Home Page and select one whose mission statement and projects resonate with you. Then commit to their support and know that you have made a difference.

Clean Water

by Leslie Powell on 03/22/12

March 22, 2012 is World Clean Water Day. Worldwide, over a billion people do not have clean water. If you live in the United States or another advanced Western country, you probably have safe drinking water. This is not the case in Third World Countries where access to clean water is limted or non-existant.

People in these villages often must gather water from dirty, disease ridden ponds or rivers. Hidden parasites and malaria carrying mosquitos can cause sicknesss, deformity and even death. Children under 5 are the most vulnerable.

In some war-torn areas, women gathering life sustaining water are in danger of being raped.

But there is a solution and you can be a part of it. With adequate funding, charity NGO's such as can build wells that deliver clean water to whole communities. You can contribute to building these wells or even organize your own fund raiser.

A typical well for a village costs about $5000 to build; a well for a school or clinic about $20,000. 

Let's have compassion for those less fortunate and help them have access to clean water!




Clean Water